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5 Days in Copenhagen: The Ultimate Itinerary

Copenhagen is unarguably one of Europe's most interesting cities due to its beautiful buildings, vibrant markets, and award-winning cuisine. The good news is that you can see and do a lot in this exciting location even if you only have five days to spare. This 5-day Copenhagen itinerary is designed to show you the best of the city, from its rich cultural heritage to its world-class seafood. Whether this is your first time here or you're a diehard fan, you won't want to miss any of the incredible sights and sounds that await you. In this plan, you will visit the oldest amusement park in the world, cruise along Copenhagen's picturesque canals, and dine on some of the region's finest cuisine. Now, prepare yourself for a thrilling and eventful five days in the Danish capital of Copenhagen!

Table of Contents

Day 1: Exploring Copenhagen’s Historical SitesGetting Around

Day 2: Visit the World-Famous Tivoli GardensEating on a Budget

Day 3: Tour the Iconic Nyhavn Canal

Day 4: Sample the Best of Scandinavian Cuisine

Day 5: Visiting the Church of Our Saviour and Shopping in Strøget

Tips for Budget-Friendly Copenhagen Exploration

Day 1: Exploring Copenhagen’s Historical Sites

If there’s one thing that sets Copenhagen apart, it’s the city’s fascinating, rich history. And what better way to kick off your Copenhagen experience than by exploring some of its most significant historical sites? We recommend starting off your first day in the city by visiting Rosenborg Castle, the official residence of the Danish royal family. This beautiful Baroque castle was built in the 1600s as a summer home for the royal family, and it has stayed that way ever since. You’ll also find the Crown Jewels of the Kingdom of Denmark here, making the castle a must-see for any history buff. Then, proceed to Amalienborg Palace to see the Changing of the Guard, which takes place every day at approximately 11.30 a.m. Next, walk over to Northern European Civilizations Museum, where you’ll find Denmark’s most important cultural treasures. Here, you’ll discover everything from Viking artifacts to ancient Chinese porcelain, making it a great place to learn more about Denmark’s history.

Day 2: Visit the World-Famous Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli gardens in copenhagen lit with lights in evening

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It first opened its doors in 1843 and is home to a variety of exhilarating rides for both children and adults, including a Ferris wheel and a wooden roller coaster. The gardens are open every day from April until October, and the entrance ticket as well as the ride pass can be bought online at the official Tivoli website. The gardens are transformed into a mystical winter wonderland during the winter months when they are open to the public. You can choose to stay in one of the hotels located within the park if you would like to have a more luxurious experience while visiting the gardens. You can enter for free with a Copenhagen city card, but many rides and attractions are not included.

Day 3: Tour the Iconic Nyhavn Canal

The Nyhavn Canal is one of Copenhagen's most popular attractions, as it is the world's most colorful canal.

This beautiful waterway is best explored by boat, and many companies offer guided tours. Alternatively, you can rent a boat and explore the canal on your own. A tour will cost around $25 per person, while a rental will cost around $15. Whichever option you select, you will be treated to some truly breathtaking views. While you're here, don't miss out on exploring Copenhagen's famous Meatpacking District's colorful alleyways. This is the city's premier culinary district, with a wide range of fantastic restaurants and cafés. If you only have one day, we recommend spending it exploring the city's famous canals..

Day 4: Sample the Best of Scandinavian Cuisine

Enjoy authentic Scandinavian cuisine at one of Copenhagen's many Michelin-starred restaurants. One of the best restaurants we've eaten at in Copenhagen is Maple Casual Dining, a small family-owned establishment. Traditional Danish breakfast is a full meal in and of itself, so it's a great way to kick off the day. The most popular part of this hearty

smorrebrod in copenhagen

meal is the Danish pastry, but it also includes rye bread, eggs, and coffee. You can get a delicious gourmet burger at Torsten's Bøfhus, a local chain restaurant. Aside from the fantastic burgers, you must try the world-famous "pølse," a delectable snack similar to a hotdog. If you're looking for something different, try one of Copenhagen's many smørrebrød, open-faced sandwiches piled high with ingredients like smoked salmon, herring, and cream cheese.

Day 5: Visiting the Church of Our Saviour and Shopping in Strøget

We recommend that you begin your final day in Copenhagen with a visit to the Church of Our Savior. This beautiful cathedral is easily the most famous building in town, and it is also one of the most important buildings in all of Scandinavia. The church is also one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. It is almost 100 years old. Once you've explored the church, head to the Strøget district, which stretches for 1.1 km from City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv and is home to a wide variety of stores catering to shoppers of all budgets. Some of the area's best shops are:

  • Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store: The Royal Porcelain Factory and was founded in 1775.

  • Illums Bolighus: The premier centre in Scandinavia for Danish and international design. Furniture, lamps, kitchen and bathroom articles, ceramics, porcelain, silver, and glassware.

  • DØP - The organic hot dog stand: Located by The Round Tower on Købmagergade pedestrian street and by The Church of The Holy Ghost on Strøget pedestrian street.

  • LEGO Store: One of the world's best-known Danish toy manufacturers opened a flagship store in the centre of Copenhagen.

  • Faraos Cigarer - Comics book store: My personal favourite! This comic book store is one of the best I have been too. There is an amazing selection of TinTin collectibles, comics, figurines, and car models, as well as old and new comics in English and Danish.

Tips for Budget-Friendly Copenhagen Exploration

Before your trip, do some research. First, pick a date. Copenhagen averages 46 to 60 °F year round, and it's rarely too hot or cold. The Danish Open in late August is Copenhagen's busiest time. Copenhagen is less crowded and cheaper in April, May, September, and October. You'll see the city's beauty without crowds. Copenhagen is best explored on foot. The day pass is recommended if you plan to take the metro or bus. Try smorrebrod, Danish open-faced sandwiches, to save money while enjoying Danish cuisine, or try the frikadeller, a Copenhagen classic served with potatoes and cabbage.

Last but not least, we highly recommend the Copenhagen City Card, which gives you free access to many attractions and is a metro and bus travel pass. Visit the official website to learn more about the various packages available

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